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2 songs which show what kind of music we try to play.


released April 1, 2018

Track 01 : Words & Music Frederic Fugen
Track 02 & 03 : Words Joe Kane Music Frederic Fugen

engineered by Frederic Fugen
mixed by Mathias Fugen

photograph by Redha Kebir

String Quartet on "A Life Like This" :
Fredericke Richard : Violin
Veronique Venuleth : Viola
Delphine Franck : Cello
written by Frederic Fugen

Thanks to David Barni at Rouen Piano

REDD is :
Baptiste Cottereau : Guitars
Fabien Cousin : Bass
Frederic Fugen : Guitars, Keys and voices
Pascal Gueudin : Drums



all rights reserved



REDD Rouen, France

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Track Name: Too Late For Hero
Now it's clear that I have nothing to say
And it's happening all the time
I am fighting with words everyday
Trying to give sense to these rhymes

Remember us when we were young
Imaging that we could be strong
How naive we were careless everywhere
Reclkess of the consequence

Too late you pretend to me that it is
Too late to live an affair in our lives
Too straight and share all the love we could find

I am not kidding anyone
I am not hidding around

Crazy everybody tells me that I'm
Crazy but I'm OK I'm just ex-
-Hausted tired to waste the rest of my time

Give me a light I may follow my way
And get me safe from the unknown
Someone replied "go out into the darkness
Put your hand into my hand
That shall be better than light" and I realized

You're the one who opens my eyes

Feel the caress of the wind
Wind that sweeps the sound
Sound of those narrow-minded
Who'd love to surround us
Track Name: A Life Like This
Though we're on-ly half the way there I know there's no re-turn
To the life we knew
With an ear-ly rise we can lift the dark skies
Meet the dawn to-ge-ther

Though the days are long,
What could be so wrong
With a life like this?

I'm nei-ther here nor there
Not clear on when or where
No i-dea what to do
At least i'm lost, ba-by with you

Those twis-ted 2-0-ze-ro's have a lot to an-swer for
Did you lose your mind?
Pick the pie-ces up, take that run of bad luck,
Throw it up in the air

Friends may be far a-way,
But I'm here to stay
In a life like this

I'm nei-ther here nor there
Not clear on when or where
No i-dea what to do
At least I'm lost, ba-by with you

Where is the life that des-pite my-self I am rea-ching for?
It's out of my hands, I'm fee-ling for the wall but can't find the door
(Do you keep it in touch, is it all a bit much, is it brin-ging you down?)
Ride on in to the sun, while there's still a road that's worth ri-ding on

I've wai-ted to long to be free
The se-cret to be-ing hap-py is here
In the love we make to-day

There's a-no-ther u-ni-verse be-yond the sun
With love and life for eve-ry-one who flies
And the pa-ral-lel lives that we lead to-day will lead us to a place
Where we can call our home sweet home

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